Guest posting websites with instant approval lists

  1.              DA55 DR11 All niche
  2.    DA62   DR49 All niche
  3.           DA60 DR29 All niche
  4.            DA60  DR49 All niche
  5.          DA71  DR33 All niche
  6.              DA67 DR8 All Niche
  7.     DA56 DR49 All niche
  8.                DA53  DR8 All niche
  9.                       DA53  DR14 All niche
  10.         DA65  DR8 All niche
  11.        DA54  DR12 All niche
  12.        DA55  DR8 All niche
  13.     DA54 DR8 All niche
  14.                DA50 DR10 All niche
  15.             DA54  DR13 Home
  16.       DA52  DR11 All niche
  17.    DA70  DR8 Travel, Real Estate niche
  18.     DA62 DR8 entertainment niche
  19.  DA52  DR12 All niche
  20.                  DA68  DR8 Finance, Insurance
  21.              DA62 DR8 Fashion, Beauty, gift
  22.              DA61 DR8 Education
  23.              DA62 DR8 Health, Fitness, Food
  24.    DA54 DR10 All niche
  25.     DA10 DR10 Technology

Quality guest posting typically involves a thoughtful pitch, relevant and well-written content, and adherence to the guidelines of the host website. It’s a more time-consuming process, but it ensures you’re contributing to reputable sites that will benefit your online presence in the long run.

If you’re interested in guest posting, focus on finding high-quality websites that are relevant to your niche. Here are some general tips to find guest posting opportunities:

  1. Google Search: Use search queries like “write for us” or “guest post” followed by your niche/topic to find websites that openly accept guest posts.
  2. Guest Posting Networks: There are some guest posting networks or platforms where you can connect with website owners looking for guest contributors.
  3. Social Media: Check platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn, where some website owners or editors may announce guest posting opportunities.
  4. Blogger Outreach Tools: Some SEO tools or blogger outreach platforms might have lists of websites accepting guest posts, but be cautious and research the quality of the sites.
  5. Guest Post Service Providers: There are agencies or services that can help you find guest posting opportunities, but again, make sure they focus on quality and relevance.

Remember, it’s more beneficial to focus on a few high-quality guest posts on reputable websites than to pursue a large number of low-quality, instant approval posts. Building genuine relationships and providing valuable content to your audience and host websites should be the primary goal.

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