What is the price of site optimization?

SEO is one of the most important types of digital marketing available, but it is difficult to estimate the costs. Learn about the 3 most common types of SEO pricing. 

According to Google, 89% of B2B searchers use the Internet during the search process. With this information, it is very likely that website optimization (SEO) services will be an extremely valuable investment in the development of your business.

What if searchers can’t find your brand online among your competitors? Most likely, your brand will not be able to appear on a list that is passed on to decision makers.

In this article, we will explain:

  • A brief introduction to SEO;
  • Why Website Optimization Is Important For Your Business
  • How Much Should You Invest in Effective SEO Services?

What is site optimization?

Essentially,   website optimization  , or SEO, helps you to be found online through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.

However, SEO processes can be quite complex, involving things like tweaking your website using content and keywords, effective crawling and indexing factors (technical SEO), and authority links (link building).

Why is SEO important?

Did you know that 75% of people never go to the front page with search results?

This means that 3 out of 4 people will find the solution they are looking for on the first page of search results.

By taking the time to understand your customers and what words they use to search for your product or service, a good SEO strategy can help your business appear on the first page of search results.

When your ideal customers can easily find your site when they are looking for your products and services, you will get more qualified potential customers and hopefully more sales!

SEO investment models and costs

To the frustration of many business owners, SEO success is not a business like paid traffic, and the results don’t happen overnight.

But companies that want to invest can see huge gains over time. Prices for SEO services can be structured differently depending on your budget and goals.

We will detail and explain the 3 most common SEO service models and how much you can expect to pay for each.

Monthly SEO fee

Due to the complex nature of SEO and what needs to be done to get the best results, it often makes sense for a business to invest in an SEO agency that offers a monthly package.

This template will allow you to set your expectations with the contractor and set goals as you go. Best for companies that need a partner to handle all their SEO needs on a regular basis.

This is currently the most popular payment model as it tends to lead to the highest ROI for customers.

SEO is not a quick fix that can optimize your business for growth in no time, despite what many “gurus” might say. Implementing an SEO strategy usually takes 6-12 months.

The average price for SEO optimization can range from BRL 1,000.00 to BRL 5,000.00 per month. What you pay will depend on the size of your business, the nature of your SEO business, the level of expertise required, and the breadth of services that will be provided by your optimization specialists.

Fixed SEO contract

When you test some SEO specialties or you don’t need an all-inclusive job, that’s where you’ll probably start.

Fixed price SEO contracts allow clients to sign a contract with an agency and pay a fixed fee for services rather than a recurring monthly service.

If you already have a personal copywriter and a team of people who create your marketing strategies, but you need an SEO expert to handle the technical side of things, you can hire a professional SEO for a fixed price.

Website optimization contracts are often project-based, and the fee you pay varies depending on the services you need.

Here are some examples of the prices of separate SEO services:

  • Creating SEO content from BRL 0.15 to BRL 0.50 per word;
  • Auditing the content of the website from R $ 500.00 to R $ 7500.00 per audit;
  • Link profile audit from R $ 500.00 to R $ 7,500.00 per audit;

SEO consulting time

Hourly consulting can be a great option to do SEO work on a smaller budget.

However, to minimize the hours you pay and get the most out of your work, hourly consulting only works well if you have a basic understanding of SEO.

Expect to pay from 100.00 to 300.00 BRL per hour for an expert SEO consultant . You pay for the experience, so an SEO consultant who earns less than $ 100 / hour is probably not worth the investment and time.

Is it worth investing in SEO?

Understanding your website optimization pricing will allow you to make better decisions when hiring an   SEO agency  .

Once you know what you’re looking for and understand how much it will cost, ask the top companies on your shortlist for SEO services.

So choose the company that you think will best suit your needs within the budget you can afford.

If you are ready to explore your options for professional SEO services for your B2B business, contact and discuss with one of MACAN’s SEO experts. We are ready to help you find your business online!

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