Top 5 Benefits of Wearing a Real Ruby Stone

With the application of astrology, Gem therapy plays a vital role in improving health and prosperity in a person’s life. One of the most beautiful and costliest gemstones, Ruby is indeed every woman’s key desire. Considered as a luxurious stone and immensely used as an epitome of royalty, the natural Ruby Stone was extensively used by astrologers, gemologists, clergy, and crystal healers too. The history of using these stunning red gems for beauty and magical properties is very old, dating to the time of the Roman and Greek Empires.

Though many people are interested in buying it for fashion as well, Ruby, aka Manik Stone, has many astrological benefits with it. In Vedic astrology, the importance of the Ruby stone is deeply engraved and this stone helps in eliminating the negative impacts of a powerful astrological planet- The Sun. Yes, the crystal healers have used this stunning stone of the Sun a lot to heal various human problems. From mental, physical, social, and financial to emotional, spiritual, and professional, the supernatural red gem Ruby has the power to enhance all aspects of your life.

As this king of gemstones belongs and is ruled by the most powerful planet Sun, Manik is highly believed and praised for bestowing its wearer with the blessings of the Sun. Besides carrying the powers and positivities of the Sun, Ruby is best known for correcting the position of its aligned planet Sun in one’s house of horoscope.

Effects of Malefic Sun in the Horoscope

A weak or negative sun can impact the person in several ways-

  • The person becomes physically weak
  • The native becomes​ susceptible to various diseases such as weak eyesight, cardiac problems, anemia, skin diseases, etc.
  • The person has a strained relationship with his/her father
  • The native becomes over-ambitious, unpredictable, arrogant, etc
  • The person loses his wealth and prosperity
  • The confidence and esteem of the person become low and he feels neglected all the time.

Benefits of Wearing a Ruby Stone

Individuals who have weak sun in their birth chart opt for wearing a real Ruby Stone after recommending a good astrologer-

  • Boosts Mental Health- The wearer of an authentic Ruby Stone is blessed​ with balanced mental health. The person gets rid of all the negativity and stress from his/her life. The confidence of the person is also boosted. The wearer develops excellent leadership skills.
  • Physical Health- The Ruby Stone helps the wearer in fighting against various ailments such as depression, cardiac problems, nervous system-related disorders, digestive system-related disorders, anemia, skin-related problems, etc.
  • Spiritual Health- The Ruby Stone helps in boosting the spiritual health of the person. The stone provides internal peace and comfort to the wearer
  • Wealth and Prosperity- The Ruby Stone helps in bringing prosperity to the person. The wearer of this stone gets immense success in his professional upfront. The wearer of this stone can amass huge wealth
  • Strong Relationship- After wearing this stone, the strained relationship of a father-son or father-daughter is improved a lot. There is love and respect in the relationship and the person feels happy.

Who Should Wear a Ruby Stone?

Any person who has the wrong placement of the sun or has a weak sun in his/her natal chart is suggested to wear an original Ruby Stone. Individuals with their sun placed in the 5th house, 6th house, 9th house, and 10th house are asked to wear a Ruby Stone as the sun is placed at the wrong position.

Harness the maximum benefits of the ruby gemstone by wearing it with a gold chain or rings because gold is best prescribed to be paired with a ruby gem. Be it, Ruby or Emerald, any astrological stone benefits utmost only when worn by the right person and at the right time. Explore the complete (Harness the benefits of the ruby gemstone by wearing it with chains or rings. Vedic procedure of wearing ruby stone).

Ruby Stone is also used to make incredible pieces of jewelry besides participating in the healing processes. However, one thing that should be noticed here is that you should always wear a pure and natural Ruby Stone only bought from a certified gemstone dealer that provides a certificate of authenticity in order to avoid any false leading.

Gem therapy plays a vital role in improving health and prosperity with the application of astrology. One of the gemstones known for bringing success in life is Ruby or Manik. Many people are interested in buying ion for fashion.

The red color means freshness, while the blue means calmness. Ruby stone has enthralling healing properties. The other name of the ruby stone is healing crystal.

Ruby gets its characteristic red color due to the presence of Chromium. Ruby is the gemstone for Sun, the most powerful planet in the astrological world. It is the reason why astrologers refer to Ruby as Ratnaraj.

Ruby stone has a wide range of demands in jewelry. Ruby stone finds application in various kinds of jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Better rubies are a mixture of dark red with great clarity. Ruby gemstone can help your weak bones by minimizing the effects of your disease.

Ruby brings good luck, wisdom, health, prosperity to the wearer.

Ruby symbolizes love, passion, and power.

Wearing Ruby Stone brings you lots of health benefits. It alleviates sickness caused by the malefic representation of the Sun.

Benefits of wearing ruby

  • It imbibes courage, generosity, authority, letting you gain recognition and fame. It makes you royal and optimistic.
  • Results of ill-placed Sun get nullified by wearing Ruby.
  • Eminent astrologers related Ruby gemstone to Heart Chakra. Ruby helps you to deal with heart diseases.
  • It purifies the blood and improves your liver and heart condition.
  • It detoxifies the blood, promoting blood circulation and treating illness.
  • Precious gemstones like Ruby come from Burma. Some of them will cost you more than diamonds.

Where to Buy Natural Ruby From

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Also, get an insured worldwide shipping facility together with an easy and hassle-free return option for 10 days. Owing to its creditability towards its buyers, Navratan is ranked among one of the most trusted gemstone stores across the globe. Besides carrying the heritage of trust and purity for the last four generations in the business of genuine gemstones, it is renowned for delivering the utmost level of customer satisfaction. So if you are also looking out for a piece of certified ruby stone online, you can effortlessly buy your desired piece from here. Visit the website for the latest  for the best festive discounts. Have a Happy and Safe Buying.

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