How Apple’s iOS 14 Will Impact the iOS App Development?

Apple is well-known for its surprising updates and launches. People (especially Apple fans) wait for Apple’s launches and updates like no other because it always turns out to be impressive. Its every iOS update makes waves in the app industry. And that’s what Apple did again, amazed its fans, and hit the right nail with the iOS 14.

Everyone (from marketers to businesses and iOS developers) is talking about iOS 14 and its amazing features since Apple introduced it in WWDC 2020. It is also believed that iOS 14 is Apple’s biggest update so far.

By introducing new ways to customize the home screen, discover and use apps with app clips, stay connected in messages, and a lot more, the iOS 14 will impact the iOS app development industry to a great extent.

Apple will surely reinvent the iPhone experience with iOS 14. Seeing the iOS 14 great offerings, several new features, and people’s craziness about it, businesses are looking for reliable iOS app development services that can help them with a standout iOS app development and keep them ahead in the game.

What’s So Special About Apple’s New iOS 14?

iOS 14 is the newest iPhone OS that comes with various standout features, such as app clips, widgets, new privacy features, AR tools, picture in picture, app library, compact calls, improved messages features, and more. All in all, Apple’s iOS 14 brings a fresh look to the older things in iPhones, making things easier, smoother, and faster than ever for users.

How iOS 14 New Features Will Influence the iOS App Development Consequently

With the iOS 14 launch, the apps companies have started preparing themselves for developing iOS apps corresponding to Apple’s new standards. Let’s take a look at the iOS 14 new features and how they will influence the iOS app development in the future.

App Clips

App Clips will let users leverage some apps’ features without even downloading them on the device. App Clips are small by design so they’re usable in just a few seconds. Users can easily find App Clips via tapping NFC tags or scanning QR codes, tapping a link in Safari, etc. Apps development companies are learning the technology used for App Clips so that they can create a similar experience for users and stay competitive.

Smart Stack Widgets

Apple has never been a fan of widgets; however, with iOS 14, Apple has opened up to its possibilities. Now widgets are redesigned for weather, clock, calendar, maps, fitness, etc. to be more beautiful and data-rich. Users can place widgets anywhere on the Home screen, they can create stacks of up to 10 widgets and more. Developers can learn from this huge trend and work on creating intuitive extensions.

App Library

The iPhones now have an app drawer-like feature called App Library that acts as a warehouse to store all the apps users don’t use regularly. iOS 14 organizes all your apps into one simple, easy-to-navigate view. Now all of the apps on iPhones will automatically get sorted into categories. This is something smart that the iOS app development industry can learn and leverage for their benefit.

Compact UI

Now with iOS 14, you have got a compact UI. That means changes are made in the UI of phone calls, third-party VoIP calls, FaceTime calls, compact Siri, picture in picture, resizing picture-in-picture window, etc. The compact UI will let you quickly get things done while still focusing on what you are doing. If leveraged the right way, iOS developers can create the best UX with this compact UI feature.


The Apple Maps have now become way smarter with iOS 14. Apple Maps now will show users whether the road is busy, will there be any challenging hills, roads, areas, etc. From cycling to electric vehicle routing, getting guides, letting uses see congestion zones, Apple Maps will help you with everything. Besides, the new Apple Maps have refined location, speed cameras, license plate access, and more that developers can use and integrate into future apps.

New Translation App

Apple’s new translate app is completely revamped. The new translate app has improved conversation mode, voice translation, text translation, attention mode, on-device mode, built-in dictionary, 11 languages supported, and more. The users can also save translations in the favorite tab for easy access later. The Apple developers can leverage this translation app feature and develop a more intuitive iOS app.

Smarter Siri

Siri has become way smarter than ever with iOS 14. The new Siri has an all-new compact design, expanded knowledge, with web answers, send audio messages, ask for directions, share ETA with a contact, can translate between various languages, new voice in more languages, and more features. Apps companies can learn from this new Siri and integrate something similar while integrating a voice assistant in the apps.


CarPlay has transformed the relationship between your iPhone and your car. With iOS 14, CarPlay introduces new app categories, wallpapers for your CarPlay dashboard, horizontal status bar, Chinese and Japanese keyboards, share ETA with Siri, send audio messages with Siri, and developer API enhancements for audio, messaging, and VoIP apps.

New Privacy Update

The new privacy features in iOS 14 are winning hearts all over. The apps now seek permission from the users when they need to access the end data. The new privacy update has app tracking controls and transparency, approximate location, limited photos library access, recording indicator, etc. Read more about Apple user privacy and data use updates here.

How iOS 14 Will Impact the iOS App Development? The Final Words

We all know that Apple surprises us with its innovations and updates every year. This year, Apple made the biggest update so far with iOS 14. The iOS 14 is packed with endless features that any app development company can leverage and make the most of it (if done rightly). It will surely lead to significant change both in the ways apps are created and used. iOS app development companies can catch the trends and make the iOS apps intuitive and user-friendly.

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