Complete Guide on Education as a Profession!

The first and foremost thing that you should be knowing about education as a profession is that it deals with and is all about motivating and inspiring the students to realize and learn about their utmost potential. Many of the great professors and teachers have devoted their lives to empowering and inspiring the students in many different ways to make them good people and achieve great things in their lives.

Teaching or education is one of those professions where you can do great specializations and can pursue it as a career. It can be an appropriate career option while deciding the future course of studies. But, it can be a difficult task too, in choosing one from so many available options. This is the reason why we have written this article for you. To make you understand a bit more about this career.

The Key Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

Do you remember those times when you used to be a student, and your teacher used to explain you things and topics by narrating stories sharing real-life experiences with the help of interesting and fun activities? They were not just the education professionals or an ordinary teacher but your mentors. They motivate and inspire students not just by giving theoretical knowledge of a subject but by exchanging their thoughts, sharing a good bond, and putting in all of their efforts to make you a good and knowledgeable human being in the future. If you are confident enough that you have the potential of reflecting all these qualities in yourself, the teaching profession can be one of the best ones for you.

It can be very well seen from the various studies conducted that the key factors which influence the learning patterns of the students are:

  1. Appropriate teaching skills.
  2. Knowledge about the subject you are going to teach.
  3. Personality

You can attain great milestones by becoming a great teacher or mentor. Are you being confused thinking about it as a profession or which pathway to choose? Read out the content given below and get some clarity on the same.

Teaching or Education Profession as a Career

For making a good career in teaching, you need to gain some knowledge and understanding about the educational requirements and qualifications for pursuing the different paths in education. The guidance about the same have been given below:

  1. Pre-Primary or Nursery Teacher: If you have an interest in educating just the pre-primary studentsthen you can follow the path given below:
  1. After completing your studies until the 12th standard, pursue the NTT (Nursery Teaching Training) course, a one-year program.
  2. You can also complete your higher education and opt for the aforementioned program.
  3. Some of the schools even take teachers directly after the completion of graduation if you have the appropriate skills.
  1. Primary School Teacher: Being the primary school teacher, you will teach the students of classes 1st to 5th. You need to follow the following pathway for that:
  1. Two years of diploma course or primary teacher training after completing 12th standard.
  2. You can also do a bachelor’s in elementary education, a four-year integrated program.
  3. You may also need to give a TET (Teacher Ability Test).
  1. Secondary and Higher Secondary School Teacher: If you wish to become a teacher, but only for the secondary and higher secondary classes, then you can follow the following path:
  1. You can do a B.Ed. Program after graduation or completing your masters.
  2. You will also be required to clear the central teaching ability test conducted for the schools under the central government.
  1. Professor in a University or College: For becoming a teacher in a university or college, you need to follow the following:
  1. You should have completed your masters, and for promotion, purposes can also do a PhD.
  2. After that, you are needed to qualify for the national eligibility test.
  3. The mandatory requirements are to complete a postgraduate degree and the NET certification eligibility.

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