8 E Commerce Developer Skills for the Future of Commerce

8 E Commerce Developer Skills for the Future of Commerce

There are several innovative tools, platforms, and services available today to supplement and improve e-commerce.

If you want to work for a more progressive e-commerce platform, you’ll need to be knowledgeable about a variety of web technologies, languages, and front-end frameworks. This article will talk about the top 8 e-commerce developer skills.

1. Efficiency in headless commerce APIs

Back ends for headless commerce APIs are fully independent of front ends. Their primary goal is to provide independent backend commerce services to multiple front ends. This separation opens up more possibilities and flexibility for targeting numerous commerce channels, as well as making backend scaling easier. Headless APIs allow the execution of omnichannel commerce across numerous front ends, such as websites, mobile apps, and IoT devices.

It’s crucial to know how to leverage headless APIs as an e-commerce developer. You should know how to link them to different channels and front ends. Because headless APIs separate the front end and backend, understanding how to optimize front-end storefronts for user experience and performance is crucial.

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2. Language proficiency
Many modern e-commerce developer job descriptions include requirements for familiarity with numerous popular front-end JavaScript frameworks and mobile development technologies, including progressive web applications, SWIFT, and Flutter. Another necessary skill is the ability to maximize web experience and performance. Making websites mobile-friendly and responsive, as well as knowing web vitals, allows you to provide the best possible experience for all site visitors and add value to any organization where you operate.

Understanding cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure and cloud tools such as Docker and Kubernetes is also beneficial. It demonstrates that you are capable of not just developing apps but also delivering them to the cloud.

3. Forensics and cyber security
It’s become one of the most popular job titles in recent years. Cybersecurity is a branch of digital forensics that aids in the recovery of stolen data, the tracking of hackers, and the investigation of event causes. It is a technology subject in high demand because data is the primary asset that must be protected in any industrial sector in which a company operates.

4. Cloud computing
When it comes to the most flamboyant technological advances of the twenty-first century, cloud computing ranks first since it aids in the management of massive data, quality control, and cyber security. It is regarded as the technology that has been incorporated into the mainstream at a faster rate than any other in this domain, owing to the growing number of smartphones and mobile devices with internet connectivity. Additionally, cloud computing is enabling the development of technologies such as distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, and many others.

5. Business Resource Planning
Business resource planning is used to manage and organize all of an organization’s essential supply chain, services, manufacturing, finance, and other processes. An ERP analyst with a deep understanding of how possible ERP systems satisfy the corporate vision and goals is in high demand these days.

6. Efficiency in Artificial Intelligence
AI is a field in which you educate a machine to understand and react like a human being. The ultimate goal is to create machines that think, understand, and act like people. Data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI engineers, business intelligence developers, and research scientists are among the alternatives available to you.

7. Block chain
Blockchain, also known as the backbone of digital cryptocurrencies, is a groundbreaking technology that has gained a lot of attention over the last decade. Because block chain has so many applications, recruiters are continuously on the lookout for developers who have the expertise to handle this modern technology. Block chain offers numerous employment prospects, including block chain developers, solution architects, and quality engineers, to name a few.

8. Knowledge of different commerce tools
Additional commerce tools are used by online retailers to streamline their marketing, sales, and other business activities. The following are some of them:

●CRM applications
E-commerce stores may use a customer relationship management (CRM) solution like HubSpot CRM to manage their customer interactions. It keeps records of consumer data such as their website, communication preferences, contact information, and interactions such as emails, calls, and messages. They also provide lead tracking to assist in closing transactions.

You should be able to input user information into a CRM and use it to correspond with customers if an organization demands a CRM experience. If a CRM has an API, you should be able to perform such operations professionally.

●Making use of a DXP system
A digital experience (DXP) system handles the digital experience in a company’s commerce channels, such as consumers, employees, and partners. This system is responsible for customizing and maintaining context across all channels for these stakeholders’ interactions.

DXP platforms strengthen businesses by producing meaningful stakeholder relationships. If you’re a developer working on DXP-based commerce projects, you should know how to trace user interactions across all of your front ends. Customers should have a consistent experience no matter where they interact with a retailer.


E-commerce companies are on the lookout for IT professionals who can help them innovate. Visit our website to hire experienced e-commerce developers. E-commerce professionals who want to improve their skills and grow in the business have a lot of options. Businesses must ensure they have in-demand skills and talent on hand to keep one step ahead of their competitors when new operating models emerge.

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