5 Tools to Improve Mental Health  

Self-care and mental health are gaining more recognition everywhere and slowly becoming non-taboo topics. More people are coming forward to share their experiences of struggling with it and how big of a task it was for them to get proper treatment and reach a healthier state of mind.

And due to this change in ideologies and the influence of the media, many companies and business enterprises are creating helpful apps and activities to help people get proper medical help for their mental health and emotional turbulence. Workouts like meditation, counseling, escape rooms, therapy sessions, and self-care classes are excellent for your physical and cognitive wellbeing.

With the rise of apps that focus on improving your cognitive state of mind, many people are turning towards online interfaces and user-friendly platforms to get professional help for their conditions and symptoms.

Here are 5-such tools that are currently popular in the market for improving one’s mental health and delivering self-care:

1.  eMoods

eMoods is a dynamic mood and emotion tracking app specialized in immediately sending your symptoms and reports to your doctor to help you get proper medical attention for your mental health. As a result, you don’t have to worry about remembering your problems and going through your signs to seek professional help. It is especially beneficial for bipolar disorder suffering people who show a broad spectrum of emotions throughout the day.

It allows you to go back to a previous day’s record and reset your mood symptoms if something new stricks your mind that you had previously forgotten to add. You can see a detailed narrative of your emotions and how they change over time. And not only that, but you can also keep proper track of your medication using eMoods which lets you and your medical expert helper see if it is working as desired.

2.  Sanvello

One of the best online mental apps, Sanvello, is an ideal friend if you are looking for help to fight against stress, depression, and anxiety. On this app, you get cognitive behavioral therapy tools that are beneficial for creating a comfortable environment where your mind can be at ease and focus on building valuable skills and doing various wholesome tasks. It also lets you interact with fellow peers who are the same as you on this platform.

All the techniques provided by Sanvello have backups from clinically valid professionals and scientific results. Using them, you can effectively manage your feelings and keep track of your mood swings, mindfulness, and emotional behavior. It allows you to cover your medical expenses through health insurance. And when you feel that you need more support, it connects you to a professional mental health therapist.

3.  Calm

As the name suggests, this online mental app is a reliable comrade to help manage anxiety and stress. And what makes it stand out as a unique app for treating online mental health-related problems is its feature that provides unique and individual activities to its members. There are plenty of flexible exercises and programs that are less structured and make it easy for you to follow them.

Apart from the various practices, this app also provides you with calm background music to help relax and recharge your mind. They make it easier for you to pursue and practice meditation and focus on your sleep cycle to get better rest, do breathing exercises, and pursue mindful movements and relaxations. The sessions come in various time ranges that you can schedule according to your comfort and preference. And it also has a 7-days free trial that lets you test it before you decide to get committed.

4.  Todoist

Todoist is a good selection for people who have ADHD as it helps them develop focus and maintain concentration in doing their daily tasks. It comes with many organizing tools that assist you in improving your attention while doing many tasks and preserving your track without getting diverted. You can set reminders for yourself of the task at hand and prepare a thorough plan to organize and get them off in a stress-free and systematic method.

Various other features in this app further help you break down your list of assignments and assign them priorities, deadlines, order of importance, whether they are recurring, etc. It helps you prepare a to-do list to tackle them one at a time to help your mind not feel overwhelmed by your work. And since you are preventing your work to pile upon you, you can create a balance in your life and prevent mental burnout.

5.  Youper

The Youper mental health app is the perfect union of thoughts and ideas that serves as one of the best online emotional health assistants. Designed by various professional and licensed doctors, engineers, and scientists, you can rely on it to help you identify your emotional and behavioral tendencies. It provides you with a detailed feature to track and process your mood changes and behavior throughout the day.

Youper works on elevating the mental space of its users through a personalized experience. It has an AI-powered chatbot that analyzes your thought process, emotions, and feelings through quick conversations with it. And by collecting data about the same, the app helps you recognize and monitor patterns of your mental health so that you can reach a better and healthier state of mind.


So these were the 5-apps cum tools that will be advantageous for you to battle against your mental health. While they are convenient, nothing can beat the therapy and medication from a licensed professional who takes a thorough checkup of your conditions in physical form. And that’s why if you feel that the apps are not helping you, do not hesitate to reach out to an expert to get immediate help.

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